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Welcome to the Fetish Network @ The network is providing services around the fetish industry. The network is backed by members providing the following services:

1.     Photographers

2.     Manufactures

3.     Locations

4.     Models

Book a Photographer: Whether you need publication photos or website images our professional photographers are here quite right.

Fetisch gear: If you need fetish gear or some equipment of the shelf ore custom made you get it here

Locations: If you require a fetish style location you get it here If you require a model for fetish style shooting or.

Models: If you seeking a model for a fetish related job our members are pleased to be at your service. If you are a model seeking a job, let us know.


You may request a singele service or equipment or you can request a photo shooting in a fetish style location with a nice model suited with authenic fetisch product.

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